DASH Recruitment only represents a select number of clients so dedication and excellence in customer service will be assured. From industry heavy weights to niche players, DASH Recruitment takes the time to deeply understand our clients business machinations.

Your time is precious, DASH Recruitment will be transparent and up front submitting only candidates that match all successful criteria including prior experience, task expertise, long term aspirations and of course cultural synergy. Allow Dash Recruitment to help project your business into the stratosphere.

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Client testimonial

"Since 2008, Alicia has recruited over 75% of external hires into our sales division, from entry level inside sales to senior business development managers. She continues to have a strong network of candidates and is able to respond ver quickly should a role arise. In addition, she organises meetings with prospective candidates even when we have no roles mandated. This enables us to get a strong understanding of the key players in the market and should a role arise, we are able to move quickly to fill the vacancy."

"In 2012, DLL in Australia undertook a salary benchmarking exercise using some large global HR firms. Locally, Alicia's expertise was sort as a subject matter expert to our market as she has a clear understanding of our competitors and what we require to retain and hire the best talent in our market."

"I would have no hesitation recommending Alicia and DASH Recruitment. She is a passionate individual who's eagerness ensures timely and professional service."

Mike Partington, Sales Director – De Lage Landen